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Urbanization is progressing at an unprecedented and rapid rate in Asia. A demographic switch from a predominantly rural to a predominantly urban society is taking place. UN (1991) figures indicate that in 1990 only 37% of the total population of developing countries was urbanized. It is predicted that by the year 2025 the proportion will be 61%. Rapid and uncontrolled urbanization in many developing countries is already having fundamental social and environmental consequences.

Cities in India are today home to an estimated 340 million people, or 30% of total population. By 2030, existing and new cities are expected to provide shelter to 590 million people, or 40% of the population. (Already rapid and uncontrolled urbanization in many developing countries is having fundamental social and environmental consequences). It is imperative that India engages itself with the reality of its urban future and look for answers to several questions about long-term sustainability, livability and robustness of our rapidly expanding cities.

Each iteration of urbanfutures congress is planned and designed to bring stakeholders from various domains onto a single platform to focus on issues and challenges of urban development that need to be resolved to ensure a sustainable and equitable urban future and to take stock of emerging paradigms and technological advances that can help achieve the goal to securing an inclusive and livable urban world for future generations.